Built-in compressor in Soundcraft MTK12

I note that Mike uses a DBX 286S pre-amp/compressor for his studio mic. I am new to using the Soundcraft MTK12 desk which has great pre-amps and, I think, a built-in compressor in the effects ‘rack’. Can I use the built-in compressor on my studio mic? If so, how? (Via the FX send/return?) I use the USB-out to Adobe Audition on my MAC for recordings. Or…is the DBX286S a better/simpler option? Advice please. Thanks

Great questions about the Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK, Steve.

You’d want to use a dbx 286s in addition to the desk. There is a built in dbx but it is a limiter only. This means it’ll stop your mic from peaking but it won’t do any of the cool stuff a 286s can do like compression, EQ, noise gate etc.