Broadcasting video over all social media platforms

I want to be able to broadcast live video across as many social media platforms as possible. What software or service should I use??

Check out “Obs Studio - Stream on Youtube”

On my list page

Also @Mike mentions his set up right here.

Yep, as @Joe_Salmi mentions, Obs Studio will help you with this.

Obs will only let you stream to one source at a time so I created my own RTMP server to send out multiple streams. I found this tutorial very handy when setting up an RTMP server for my live streaming.

There are easier ways to do this (some of them paid) like:


Found an interesting piece on live streaming to multiple platforms to help drive traffic back to your domain and generate future business potential.

Sharing The Love On MRC.FM


Brilliant, @Mike I now have a reason for my raspberry pi 3s that have been sitting around for so long since I came across MusicRadioCreative :sunglasses: I shall try and setup an RTMP server

I tested Restream on the show today and am not sure if it was down to the settings I used but everything was very glitchy. I switched back to my own (local) RTMP server and everything just worked.

Interestingly enough I found this multicaster project on GitHub which looks interesting. I’d need some time to spin up a server and test it out myself but it works with Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and custom RTMP servers.

Could be a good choice?

I have a, rather hacked together, custom built RTMP solution running at the moment on Debian 9.

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Hi Mike,

one question: what’s your upload speed of your Internet Provider?
Do you have fiber optic or ADSL+ connection?


I’ve been trying to setup an RTMP server but fail horribly @Mike you may see my posts under Parapac.
During my search I found this link though

@Renato I’m 80 Mbps down and 20 Mbps up here. As good as it gets on UK fibre right now.

@Bobster that’s a handy Wiki article you link to. I’ve had a look at the other options and Red5 came close but it is so complicated. You’ll see my “badContainer” error that I managed to solve with private a RTMP server to YouTube Live.

I see your issue too. It’d be good to know what is happening at line 17 of your nginx.conf as this seems to be the error. My guess, is it throwing an error for you because you have no push locations listed in your RTMP config? Feel free to post the full nginx.conf file here.

If anyone else is interested. This is the project @Bobster and I have running for live streaming to multiple locations: How to Multistream without Restream using Nginx/Linux

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I started using I love it!! It’s what i was looking for. Thank you to everything for help me!!!


If I delete those lines that are from ‘rtmp’ down everything works. I can stop, start, restart etc. I have played around with spacing and lines. Nothing seems to work. As a beginner on this would the placing of the bracket have something to do with things. The first and last, shiuld there be a space before them. Ponder … ponder… thats as far as I got with cut and paste with the set-up so when I get back from my meeting with the school (about doing a private stream at an openday) Ill try the push command @Mike.

Finally… sorted on the streaming to raspi3 rtmp nginx server.
there was a bracket missing.

} <<<< this bracket

rtmp {
blah blah blah!!!

found the answer here

now I just need to work out how to pick up the local network stream lol

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I have now successfully set up my own RMTP video stream on my own nginx server.

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Hey Mike,

Would you mind to explain more details about your experience with
Have you tried to communicate with a support team of it?

I will be happy to assist you.
alex.khuda (at)

Thank you.

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@AlexKh thanks for reaching out on here.

I’m pleased to say that everything is super sweet with Restream now. I have a great setup and it works seamlessly. I’m using it every day to broadcast my show!

I’ll mention your service when I can on my live stream as I want to support and help your growth. I understand it costs money to run those global servers :wink:

I’ll follow up with you on email about another question I have to do with my account settings.


I’m very pleased with Restream as well. Good work!!!

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I set up restream and hopefully will be doing a stream from a school opening here in Kyiv next week. Spot the intepidation here lol

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Hello TJ,

I suggest that you use for your multi-site streaming needs, I’m one of the founders of Castr and using our system you can stream easily to 30+ platforms with one single input.

You will be publishing a stream to one of our servers which is close to you (we have 10+ data centers around the globe) and you can start adding multiple locations using our easy to use Dashboard.

Test us out, it’s free.