Bird Twitters overlay Voice - how to remove this?


I have got the „perfect worst case“ of outdoor recording a speaking voice. An annoying bird twitters over the vocals (hum and wind and hiss also). In Frequency Display theses are the little hooks but they are overlapping the frequency of the voice, so when I try to erase them the voice is effected to disadvantage.

I saw, that the Bird sings real notes …

so my idea was: can I remove only the blue lines which are notes the bird sings without effecting the frequency of the voice?

Thanks so far.

Great question did you try the Spot Healing Brush Tool?

Here’s a demo video on parrot squarks:

Mike, thanks. Yes, the Spot Healing Tool is the only thing which works. Anything else fails. I hoped it would be possible to erase or heal the blue line notes, but in this view the tools are greyed out. Because in the frequency view the twitters are hard to see and the sing bird is very creative in music too, so that every twitter is different and merges with the freqs of the voice and the birdsong is a little more complex as a squark. The bird has twittert all 3 minutes of duration :slight_smile: and I have to do some diligent but routine piece of work.


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