Biggest Audio Frustrations

I am curious, what is your biggest frustration with audio right now? As you know I am always looking for ways in which I can help (directly or not). Just curious.

One issue is the challenge of separating multiple speakers in a given audio recording, known as the “cocktail party problem”.

This can be difficult because the sounds from different speakers can overlap and become mixed together, making it difficult to accurately transcribe or analyze the speech of individual speakers.

I’d love an AI tool that could recognise and separate different speakers. Please!? :pray:

My biggest audio frustration at moment is LUFS i stream my mixes on finding lufs settings on other platforms is rather easy they publish there settings but for some reason the platform in germany
Keep it under wraps ive tried capturing samples but there is no standard i use audition and master at -12 for music been trying to get a reply for 6 months with no luck wonder if you could use your influence it would be appreciated x

Hi, I’m new to Adobe audition, and I suspect my problem MIGHT be my computer’s fault, rather than Adobe’s. I’m recording voice (audio book) and someetimes the recording glitches. It compresses a half-word, making an otherwise good recording un-usable. Has anyone else experienced this? Any insights?