Better understanding of applying compression on music vocals

Does anyone have good tutorials on compression? I’m still having a hard time understanding it. I changed threshold settings but it’s hard for me to make out differences without making drastic changes. I’m just trying to find a very subtle compression i can apply and have a better understanding on how it works. I apply a very subtle compression but I don’t see and or hear the difference. Any help is appreciated.

Hugo Monster

You have to train your ears to hear subtle differences when you process audio. No tutorial will teach you that. And try not to get fooled with level changes, when you compress hard and you don’t add makeup gain than you audio sound quieter, and you maybe feel that you did something wrong, always try to level match. Also if you want to train a bit, take snare sample, one hit, play it in loop and start to play with compressor knobs. You should be able to hear difference between fast attack and slow attack, fast release and slow release, etc…


Pop open the preview window in waveform view and start with Effects > Amplitude and Compression > Single-Band Compressor. Move the dials around and you’ll soon see the effect a compressor can have. Everything in the preview window updates in real time.

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Thanks for ur feedback.

Yo this looks very helpful. I’ll make sure to use this visual preview on my next mix. Good looking mike. This forum is a total life saver. Thank you.

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