Best, low cost way to send a sports event back to a radio station

Hi All,
I am working with my local high school and little league baseball organizations to broadcast their games on my radio station. Has anybody done anything like this on a very small budget? I was thinking that if they had Internet at the ballpark, all we’d need is a PC with either Facebook or even Zoom on it so that i could get the signal back to the studio. Zoom would seem to be best because I could count the announcers back from the breaks, etc. in between innings.
Has anyone set up something like this that might share some experiences?

That’d work but another great option for real time, high quality, audio and video (if needed) would be Riverside. Worth a try to see if this would work for you!

There is a service called cleanfeed.Net. Works over the internet. And in real time you can send the signal back to your studio with crystal clear audio. Best of all it’s free! Of course there’s a paid version with more features. Check it out.

Another vote for Riverside and Cleanfeed. There’s also Bodlago and Source Connect Now. Both free.

I’ve personally found that if you have Apple devices, FaceTime Audio provides exceptionally clear audio.