Behringer Interface Setup

We are starting a new podcast and are having difficulty in setting up our interface. We are using a Behringer U-phoria umc404hd & Adobe Audition. Once we feel it is setup it reverts to a default setting and says it doesn’t see the interface. Do you have any information regarding how to set this up properly?

Sounds like the interface is loosing connection somehow.

Are you switching off power to the Behringer at any point? Also, worth to check if the USB cable connects OK.

If you are seeing it in Audition then it drops out it sounds like one of those issues.

Otherwise, if there are drivers make sure to install the latest. I found the Behringer UMC404HS drivers here.

If you are on WIN OS, disconnect internal soundcard and select the U-phoria as primary interface. Win 10 is known to cause conflicts running both.

On Mac OS, go to sys prefs > utilities > audio settings and select U-phoria as primary audio out instead of internal.