Beat Edit help please

Hi All, I’m new to all this and have stumbled on a problem and need some help to resolve it, please.

I’ve been following the videos and advice on doing beat matching and have just purchased the beat edit plugin for Audition, however, I seem to be having a problem getting everything in time. I’ve followed the video to the letter but have been sat here for hours trying to work out what I’ve missed.

I load the song in to beat edit, the clicker picks the kick drum up no problem, I save it, but then when I go to multitrack it’s not in line with the markers or the beat on the waveform. what am I missing?

any help would be greatly appreciated as I’m sure it’s just a setting or something not letting Autition see the saved data from Beat Edit

Thanks in advance


If you could share screen shots or a short video that would helpto see what you are doing.

Markers should line up to the beat of a track and those should translate well into multitrack view. Feel free to share more of your project here @Sherriff for more specific help.

Hi Mike, yes I will share a video shortly, Ive reached out to Mathias as well and he seems a little bit stumped but seems to think its to do with the offset.

however, I really need something that just works (like yours) as I moved from starting to edit in Ableton and loved the way you do it in your videos so yeah… stand by sir, video on the way.


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