Batch Processing

I have several files that I want to add a generic “intro” into prior to the file. I am having to go through and do each file individually by pasting the “intro” at the beginning of each audio file. Yes, and there are several hundred files. Is there a way to batch ALL the files, grab the intro file and do a batch processing? Once completed, I have all my files completed with my intro… by only doing a few steps… instead of having to go through each individual file which could be very time-consuming?

I had a similar job a few months back. I ended up using some software that did it for me. Wavepad I think it was.
EDIT: yes, it was.

Thank you, Glenn! If I decide to purchase this, are there instructions on how to complete my task as indicated in my original request? :slight_smile:

I can’t remember, is my honest answer! I used the free trial to have a play, I think. Might be in there under the help documentation. Have a look. Hope it goes well.