Automation Line Hacks

This is also in the Automation Settings post:

Working with Keyframes

Moving multiple keyframes

If you’ve got a large number of keyframes and want to have to adjust all of them between two points, here’s a trick.

  • To individually select or deselect a point, hold [CTRL] and click each point you want to adjust, and release [CTRL].

  • To select a group, select the first one, hold [SHIFT] then select the last one in a group.

Now grab any that you have selected and drag them to where you want. Any points that are blue will move and any that are grey will stay.

  • Hold [SHIFT] and move your mouse Left or Right first to lock the value
  • Hold [SHIFT] and move your mouse Up or Down first to lock the time

Be aware if you want to change operations you need to release the [SHIFT] key first.

Holding Keyframes

Makes a keyframe hold its value until a new keyframe is added of a different value along in the timeline. The value of the first point will be locked in value and the automation line will change only immediately to the new keyframe value. There won’t be any gradual change in value between the two keyframes like usual unless you have spline curves set, in which case there will only be a slight curve.

  • Right-click on a keyframe it and choose Hold Keyframe.

This can be handy for On/Off power automation lines where you might want square lines to quickly set On and Off keyframe points instead of guessing where the power states are in the automation line.

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