Audition Specific Keyboard

I tried Editor Keys before but not this one.

Mike was adding hot keys to his but some clashed with his OBS.
Could we have a general guide of useable Audition Keys List?

Be handy for regular workflow
What are your “go to” shortcuts?

I usually end up assigning my own shortcuts for processes like:

  • Normalization
  • Silence
  • Voice Over Compression (via Favorites)
  • Mixing Down (in the multitrack)

I find the new visual shortcut box pretty handy too!

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That is actually pretty awesome right there. I kinda feel like I want that keyboard.

I’d love to have that keyboard. Been looking at it for ages. Main put-offs are the price for one thing, and it would be nice if it was backlit like the custom Premiere Pro keyboard available.

I want it!!! Yes please!