Audition mix tracks together when saving a PR file in AU


I wanted to do match some dialog recorded in post to the video file. So i dragged the PR file into AU, and it opened every audio file separately, on different tracks, which is what I needed so that I can edit on every single audio file.

However, when I am halfway done and I wanted to save the progress by “file – export – export to adobe premiere pro – with ‘export each track as stem’ ticked”, I got an mixed file, where some tracks are mixed into one.

Pls share if you know there is anyway to keep all files still separate when saving an PR file from AU.


Hi @Eric_Jia, Welcome to the MRC Community!

I would recommend watching a video @Mike put out on his YouTube channel not long ago which explained his workflow between Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!

Hi Bjorn
Thanks! I just watched the video (, however, it does not look like my PC could handle Au and Pr at the same time lol. Thanks for the help!

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