Audition Clicking audio on export

Hey guys -

Audition’s been giving me some issues where it will cause some clicking distorting on my exported track - at random.

I’ve attached a sample below (warning the audio is NSFW!) The click happens in the middle when one of the hosts is laughing.

Any idea what could be causing this? My Buffer size on Audition is 2048. I have 32 gb of ram available and plenty of storage space.

This is very frustrating as my mix will sound fine in Audition, but will have random clicks like this during my podcasts that I won’t notice until I listen back.

I also notice sometimes when I’m mixing that a track will cut out for a second or two - if I scrub back it generally plays fine, but is concerning that my computer could be messing up on playback and possibly on exporting. Could it be related?

Did you do the recent update? I haven’t seen this particular issue yet but since I updated I’ve been having trouble saving files (random error pop ups) and when I listen to play back sometimes 3 or 4 seconds of audio is just…gone. No bueno!

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Thanks for sharing @marissa that does sound like an I/O buffer size issue. Have you tried changing it to 512? Also make sure you are recording in 44.1 kHz sample rate and that your audio device matches this sample rate.

Download and update any drivers for your audio interface. As @carsley.fuller mentions do make sure your Audition software is up to date too. I hope this helps :slight_smile: