Audition CC Costs and Payment

Hi @Mike and everyone else… so I have a whole bunch of DAWs, and therefore different ways to manipulate sound, but I realise that Audition CC is now a different beast. But here is the $65M question… what is the best way to buy Audition CC. Now, one of the issues with Adobe per se, is that their prices are NOT equitable across all regions and countries (don’t get me started on this). Actually, I guess this would be a GREAT poll for you guys to run. Anyway, should one buy the product outright in another country like US and get it a whole lot cheaper or buy in our own country using the Adobe monthly subscription? Seems like a simple question! But maybe not. Thoughts?

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There are really three choices available here (as buying and claiming to be from another country isn’t really a legitimate option).

  1. Creative Cloud All Apps
  2. Creative Cloud Single App (Adobe Audition only)
  3. Buy a license for an old version of Audition (not sure if this is still possible?)

You’d be best going with option 1, in my opinion, if you do even a tiny amount of creative work which isn’t audio. The Creative Cloud apps really accelerate your creativity. As a business owner who has recently been cutting back plenty of SaaS payments my Adobe payment is one I would never miss. It’s vital to my business and gives me the tools to create what I want fast.

Option 3 is likely not very easy and you’d be missing out on so much. There are features I mention every day in my live streams that are only in Adobe Audition CC.

I am also not paid by Adobe to say any of this. It is simply my opinion as a creative entrepreneurial type (as many of us in this community are) :smiley:


Hi Mike. No sorry, you misunderstood me. I was not suggesting buying online and claiming to be in another country, that would be illegal. But When I go to the US on a trip, I would buy a PC or mac from a store. One could do the same with a boxed copy of Audition. But I take your point I already pay for Photographer license for Photoshop and Lightroom, so perhaps option 1 is the best choice now. Thanks for the advice. Appreciated.

Ah, makes total sense. Thanks @Dark-Knight!

In the US, a single app from Adobe is $19.99.
To get ALL the apps on the Creative Cloud is $49.99

I was getting Audition and Photoshop at $39.98. It made sense to pay the extra 10 dollars a month and get access to ALL the apps.

And you always have the latest versions!

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Just to give an example to compare…

There are some points in life, I would prefer to be elsewhere. :smiley: Why?

Well, in Germay, where I live and my non-profit online station is based, the monthly fee for a complete Adobe CC is 83,29 €. That’s 999,46 € p.a. Since I am a customer to CC more than 2.5 years now… I could have bought some high end equipment already. Or fully bought two of the older one-time-payment versions of Adobe CS Collection…

BUT… Live is working only one way: If you want to achieve something, you need to invest another thing. So, I keep paying my hard earned private money to pay an overrated fee, to grow my station better each day, the dawn brings.
And thus is also an achievement of @Mike, and his great course at Udemy and YouTube, which are outstanding and helpful and a beacon to every one, eager to learn new stuff on this really good DAW.

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In Mexico is $49.99 USD for all the apps and I think it’s a good deal and as you said, investment