Audio Stems from Today's Live Stream

hahaha I’m kidding @Mike I was talking about all your goodies outside of that MRC folder. But, Yes I did download them all to my drive.

Thank you

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Here’s my weekend challenge effort.

I’ve used different background music (Phase Three by Huma-Huma) found in the YouTube audio library as the bed plus some other sound effects. I’ve also added a my own over voice-over saying “this is the sound of…”.

Didn’t get as much time as i wanted with this, i still think there’s an issue with matching the VO to the beat and it might need some more effects.

I did try to do a “enter the room” effect where you start off only hearing the bass frequencies and fade in the higher frequencies, but I couldn’t get it to work so abandoned that idea until I learn how to do it properly!

Punchy and very busy.

Love Mike’s Mixdown Challenge.

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You did such a good job @Hot_Jazz_Chick and @ptryng. I featured these in today’s live stream! :tada:


Prior to mixdown, try sending all to a stereo bus and add a sweeping EQ to it.


Thanks Mike, looking forward to future challenges! The live streams are brilliant and I hope you can continue them after August :slight_smile:

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A bit late, but unfortunately I did not have time last weekend so did it this evening.

Let me know :smiley:


@Marnix That one is unbelievable! I’m listening to it on repeat xD What’s the background-music’s name?

Thanks mate! The track is from Lucas & Steve called “Up Till Dawn”

Nice, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

This is AWESOME!

@Marnix I think it is great you dropped “I’m Lucas and I’m Steve” into the mix too. :star2:

Way, way, way to late Lol, but I’m having fun!! I hope the clip sounds Ok for you, not Always loud means better. @piitciia. @gavc68 Please tell me @Mike @Izabela is it worth to be at the Live show? By the way, great T-Shirt you have on your VR recording :wink:

Cheers to all from Mexico! Proud to be a member of this great community and part of the MRC Universe!


That’s full on, man!

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Thank you @Mr-Shortcuts! Nice to hear from you, Cheers!


Had another listen to it after your like. It’s fantastic stuff. Sounds like a lot of work was put into that.

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The panning part in particular, I’m glad you like it David :slight_smile: I’m very thankful for your comments

Music producers, in fact, anyone doing something for someone else, have to given praise for what they do.
I get an absolute kick out of creating something music-related for someone else.
It makes me proud to have given someone else a product they can use that is damn perfect. You should be extremely proud of your achievement and I and we other music producers can appreciate it more because we know what sort of work goes into it.
So, again, well done. Keep up the great work.

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Man, one day I am going to get to that level where everyone’s at. Very good stuffs that I am listening to right now. Blowing me away

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Hi @Marnix, can you give us the separate parts of that jingle?