Audio rescue workshop

Here we have an audio clip with some serious issues.

What can be causing the poor quality?
Why are we hearing environmental sounds?
Can we apply a fix?

I captured this in 48k, Stereo, 32bit float.

Chime in with your observations.

How about this?

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That’s the easy bit.
And now for the questions …

Hahaha, now you give answers :smiley:

This is where your fault finding skills come in.

A lot going on here. Have a think about it.

I couldn’t resist opening this up in Adobe Audition and looking at the spectral frequency display.

I can see no audio recorded above 10k and there it seems there’s a ground hum going on below 100 Hz.

My audio editor OCD personality gets anxious at the site of something like this in the waveform view too.

So I don’t go down as a pu**y :smiley:
Low hum rumble at 50 Hz, probably created by air conditioner on same phase as recording equipment, bad windows and lot’s of dogs :smiley:
room is not treated in any way because there is a lot of reverb too, and I’m guessing this in near some corner wall because there is a lot of low frequency reverb and low end noise when you remove that 50Hz rumble. Also I’m guessing that this was recorded by lower range shotgun mic not too far from speaker or camera mic (this 11 kHz @Mike :smiley: cut is bit strange so maybe the second one could be correct) , but speaker talks too quiet, you can hear him hitting keyboard clearly, because of that gain is set high and because of that room noise is high (-20db man… and he is in peak on -5 db)

Now how close are we? :smiley:

You can clearly see 50Hz lines here.

And removed

I added the following:

1: Vocal from Webcam mic
2: Atmos track
3: Room tone.
4: Mains hum
5: High Mid Cut-off
6: Bad Edit Cut

Q1 What can be causing the poor quality
A1 A bad setup, but mostly an Inferior mic for the job

Q2 Why are we hearing environmental sounds?
A2 No vocal isolation or acoustic treatment.

Q3 Can we apply a fix?
A3 Yes but costly for a professional mastering studio.
Normally, a submission like this would be rejected and sent back to the client.

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