Audio Recordings for Workout Videos

Hey all,

can possibly somebody recommend a mic for filming videos with smartphones. I‘ve got a friend, who wants to film videos where he shows workout drills in mostly big rooms.

As you can guess, the audio is very bad then and I then have to struggle with really bad hiss, noise, bumping and all of those ugly things we won’t hear. The video quality is good for the start in my opinion, because nearly every smartphone can HD. And I can AdobePremiere :wink:

Does somebody of you now, what we can do to improve the recording of the speech during doing some workout drill? Headsets or something else? Or is there a good idea for some mic on top of the phone?

I would be very thankful for your recommendations and experiences.

So long,

Hi @piitciia Normally you have to record the audio separetly and then dubbed at premier. You can use a wireless Lavalier or a Shotgun mic. But you will need an external device so you can archive the audio. There are a Lot in the market… That is my idea to your question.

Hey @Juanmapinker,

thank you, I think there I will find the solution, I am researching now a gear that fits.

If you are going to record the audio separate the Zoom H5 recorder could be an option. In terms of microphones to use with it, I’m not too sure but I see people have been using the Rode NT1. I’m sure some of the other folks on here could give some recommendations as well.

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Yes @piitciia, that’s the one, with the zoom you can use memory cards, It has two mics integrated, but it also has jacks to attach external mics. great @jameel_n!