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Hi there - I’ve requested a scratch/guide voice over from someone and like their delivery, but to me, the recording quality seems to be lacking brightness/clarity. I wondered if anyone could possibly identify what it might be so I can pass on the info to the artist to make adjustments? They’re using a Neumann TLM 103 + imac & Audition. Any help would be appreciated, thanks. (I’d upload a file but it won’t let me!)
password: Reading

Hi Patrick

There’s a fair bit of reflection there. Maybe their recording environment could do with some treatment - softening surfaces with foam/blankets/whatever so that they no longer reflect the sound waves. Or, if that’s already in place, it could be because the area is too small - making the sound a little boxy, so perhaps a larger recording space may help.

One way forward might be for her to email a photo of her studio/recording space, so you can see.

They’ve got some nice kit, and a great commercial-sounding voice. Just need to sort out the recording environment.

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I couldn’t access the file, said it was a private link.

But as Glenn has said with that list of equipment it’s highly unlikey to be equipment related. As I’ve always said the recording environment is often the most important decision you make though.

The best mic can be rendered awful sounding by being used in an poor environment. Lots of people do voiceover on mics of lesser quality than the TLM 103 but they sound fine as they’re using a good environment.

Follow Glenn’s advice and hopefully she’ll be sounding much better.

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This is great info, thanks a lot. Hopefully she’ll make some adjustments… we’ll see. I thought it was me but comparing it to other demos it definitely sounds off, but I don’t have the audio experience to know what the issue was, I’m an animator so usually work with scratch/guides!

Would love to see some of your work Patrick. I sometimes work with animators (I’m a copywriter and voice over who works for a handful of agencies) - always good contacts to have!

Thanks for the PM.

This may be of use to your voice over talent:

Thanks for the link, however the artist didn’t seem to believe there was a issue, didn’t try anything else and turned the work away… I have alternative options so should be ok though.

Wow. She couldn’t hear the sound reflections? I’m stunned. Ah well, you’re better off with someone who can make the grade.

She said all her other clients were really happy and listed them… I shrugged.

I’ve still not heard the audio quality but usually VO clients will require top quality audio. I’m sure she’ll eventually discover that and have to make rectifications to her recording space.

Glad you have other options though and it hasn’t affected your purpose.

The password to access the audio is at the end of PatrickB’s first post, under the link.

Seems the file I sent now gone but hopefully the OP has got what they needed from the thread.

I did thanks. Pity the v/o artist didn’t want to work with me to solve it but was able to find someone else! Thanks for all the adivce…