Audio Processing for an a capella jingle!

Going through some old reel to reel tapes I found a tape of a jingle sung for me many moons ago.

It was from a Swedish a capella group and I’d like to use it, but it lacks… ooomff. It sounds a little flat, due, in part, to the lack of experience on my part of miking up a vocal harmony group in a tiny radio studio not designed for the purpose with no notice!

Would any of the assembled audio wizards be prepared to see if it’s possible to give it more, well zing, zip, just bring out the beauty that’s in there. It’s far beyond my meagre skill set!

I can post a link to the file.

Many thanks


Listening through to the tape again they were kind enough to record two different jingles and both with multiple takes.

The full thing is about 10 minutes long and is a cd quality wav file.!AqXIShFRGzdjg48dC9A2jN215sCp8g?e=XZFyEf

I’d be very interested to learn how to process these in, say, Audition for the best aural quality.

Hi Mark,

That was an interesting find…

I had a play with both the jingles you posted. I think the second one has turned out better so here it is:-


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I thought it was an unusual challenge! Thanks Ian. I wish I knew more about reverb, echo, phasing, flanging and chorusing. I have tried some of those and have played with settings, but I’m really groping in the dark! I’m also going to try some of the MRC presets.

Hi Mark,

I would suggest, if you haven’t found it already, to take a look at Mike’s YouTube channel:-

It deals with all sorts of things with regards to radio production/imaging/podcasts/etc. Mike also uses Adobe Audition most of the time in the videos as his main DAW, so you can see, hear and learn how things can be approached.


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Wow @IanT wonderful transformation and thank you for linking Mark to the YT channel too :slight_smile:

Thanks Izzy, I try to listen and watch Mike at work whenever I can, he is an Audition Guru! This was a bit different to the normal jingle making you feature. As always keep up the good work!

Hi Ian, and chance of this as a 320cbr MP3 file? Thanks Mark

Hi Mark,

Here is the file, at the spec you asked for (320cbr/MP3) :-


Hello, Mark.

Let me first welcome you to the MRC Community. Everyone here is awesome.
Second, where could I contact you with
The finished jingle? I would like to try
My hand at this.
You stated that these are CD quality
WAV files, so they can’t be too old.
Sounds like it needs a boost. I will post
My results here, as well as send it to you.

Hi, thanks for having a go! You can email kcfmputney at gmail dot com. On the drive my car song the bit near the end when the deep voice sings “Mark Phillips show” the start of Mark is obscured by the other singers. I’ve tried a few ways to sharpen it, most successful has been doubling up just Mark from the cleanest take but still a work in progress!

Have fun playing with them, can’t wait to hear what you come up with.