Audio Fatigue-Adobe Audition

Whenever I spend a bit of time trying to enhance audio, I inevitably (at some point) go back to the original recording and discover that it sounds better than the result of hours spent trying to clean-up the audio. Why is this? Is this common?

Audio Fatigue, oh man @CTower this is something I’ve come across all through my career. When you spend hours on a project it’s super easy to lose your focus and perspective.

I often find myself overcompensating and using effects such as EQ and compression too much as my ears become fatigued. Remember, in many cases, less is more!

I’d recommend taking frequent breaks even though I don’t always do this. I’d also have the ability to A/B test between original and processed audio often so you can hear where you’re coming from and where you’re going regularly.

Natural is the way to go so, I’ll say it again, less is more and… take breaks. Even listen on different speakers to get perspective.

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I 100% agree!, and as you get tired, I find your ears tend to favour bass, so when you re listen to the mix next day, it sounds wrong!