Attention Audacity 3.0 Mac users

If you use Audacity 3.0 on your MAC you might want to read this article. Audacity was acquired last May and it seems that the latest owner has been collecting data from users, and has been labeled as "Spyware’.


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I find this absolutely horrid to be honest @RetroRob - such shame as it’s a great piece of software. But once again it shows that nothing really is quite “free” as in this case you are paying with your own data!


Well, it looks all not all the free open source are going in the right direction. They said is just a Telemetry implementation designed to improve the product. But personally I consider unnecessary to collect the IP and geolocation of the device.

It seems that nowadays we are forced to give away our personal data to use any single piece of software.

Honestly, I wonder what data is collection Adobe Audition in my case. Not because Adobe is intending to do something with the data, except for the marketing, I worry because hackers are looking to attack companies like Adobe in order to steal that kind of data. And from time to time they find a breach to get what they want.