Artist music mix for Danish radio

The question is more the technical part. The sound it self. Any advice, what do you think ?

Thanks in advance.

Jess Pedersen

Uploading the intro to this music mix for ease of listening:

@Sinsanatic are you talking about the vocal effect part on “Mi-Mi-Michael Jackson”?

That’s the part that caught my ear and here’s how I’d replicate it in Audition:

  1. Scientific filter (roll off below 250 Hz).
  2. Stutter “Mi-Mi-Mi” 3 times with the beat.
  3. The “chael” part out of “Michael Jackson” is pitched down 3-4 cents.
  4. Stereo delay of about 20ms on the right channel.

Hi Mike

Well I would just like to hear what you guys thought about the production overall. How the mix sounds between bedding and speak and so on.

Im not looking for a way to make it cuz I already did. I might have given the clue that i was seeking answer how to make it. Sorry for that.

I used Fl Studio for the mix though so not exact the same procedure as Adobe but close.
And by the way how do you upload Audio without using dropbox ? :slight_smile:

Just drop your audio file into your post. You need to be a basic user first, and it has a file limitation of 3mb, so mp3 files are recommended.

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Arhh Drag And Drop ? Did’nt think about that. Thanks.

It sounds great. I love the smooth mix between songs. This is created by you @Sinsanatic? If so this would be best in the Share Your Projects category.

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks @Mike

Yes it’s created by me. I thought that i put it in that category ? Am I wrong ? :slight_smile:

That’ll be me, I moved it to the share your projects category. Originally it was in the Audio Effects category :wink:

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I think I moved it, a misunderstanding by me, thanks for correcting that @Sinsanatic.

I love it! Out of curiosity, how close was I when describing the effect you created on “Mi-Mi-Mi-Michael Jackson”?

Thank you for that Ole.

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@Sinsanatic - i think its cool.
May i ask? The voice? Is that you?

/Martin (som også er dansker) :slight_smile:

Spot on @Mike :grin: the last one though. The delay. Is just cut placed apart. But then again it comes delayed so. 10 points for you my good man.

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Thank you @MartinSvanborg glad to hear that. Its not me. Its a guy named Brian Taber. Great voice.