Apollo Twin and Adobe Audition

I really like adobe audition. I use an apollo twin interface to record. I’ve seen a lot of videos that show how to configure ur apollo with other DAW’s like ableton, pro tools, etc., but i don’t see any for audition. Does anyone have this setup and any tips that they would like to share?

Hugo Mon

That looks like a cool bit of kit @HUGOMONSTER. I’ve not used the Apollo Twin myself but I’m sure others will have ideas. It should configure similar to other audio interfaces in Audition’s preferences.

Is there anything special about it you’re trying to get working?

it’s a pretty awesome interface. I wanted to learn how to use the auxiliary tracks. I’m not to sure how use them on the apollo console but I did notice a video turn down an effect via an auxiliary track in adobe audition.

I have been using a RME Babyface and a Babyface Pro to record my podcasts.
Lately I got hold of an Universal Audio Apollo Twin USB which is an awesome piece of hardware and I also have the same problem as you, I don’t know how to configure aux tracks.
RME is by far easier to configure, but the Apollo sounds maybe even better.

Glad to know i’m not the only one. coo man i was going crazy. lol.

Greetings. So here we are in 2020, and it seems like there aren’t a lot of answers to the Audition/Apollo Twin USB combo. I’m an avid Audition fan, and recently got my Apollo Twin USB. It works great with realtime plug-ins when I’m doing voiceover work. Live podcast recording is another problem. I’d like to be able to record other hosts and interviews using the virtual channels so that I can apply realtime processing…can’t get it to work. The odd thing is that the Apollo’s console app is integrated with Audition, so that input/output routing is handled in Audition rather than from the Apollo Console itself. I can’t figure out how to route appropriately. If anyone has any ideas, I’d really appreciate them. I’m happy to contribute whatever I learn.