Anyone still using Audition 3.0? LPFMs and Home Users?

Hi, everyone! I still use Audition 3.0 because of the students training here at the station WHNL 94.9 FM. This station is a community low power fm with a small budget. Adobe no longer supports but they allow students to learn with it for free.

Does anyone else still use a legacy version? Old but still works great.

That’s going back a bit @DJ_Nightstalker and I’m sure there are many that do still use 3.0 and lower. I’d be interested to hear if there are any Cool Edit Pro users around today too!?

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Hi, yes I am still using Cool Edit Pro 2.1, but at the moment I am using the basic functions.


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@DJ_Nightstalker I was using 3.0 until about 2 weeks ago when I decided to up it and get the CC. I was really for all the cool additions to [Au] and [Pr] and I was really dying to play around with [Ae]. I have a lot to learn the latter, and a ton of retraining on [Au].

If you are still on 3.0, Just take the plunge, you would thank yourself. :slight_smile:


I was an avid Cool Edit Pro, then Audition 3.0 user. A a couple years ago, I saw some tutorials from Mike, and in order for me to get the effects or features Mike was showing off, I decided that I needed to get Adobe CC. I haven’t looked back. I loved the simplicity of CEP, and even Audition 3.0 - but getting Audition CC was the best move I made.

I would suggest trying it… once you start using some of the features it brings, you’ll be glad you made the move.


Hi Mike. I think I will try the newer version at some point. Most of the new plugins work with 3.0, and the work flow is close enough to allow me to get the job done. Our community volunteers and students however will not be able to until the station budget grows. The commercial station WOAH is 15 years established and uses more up to date software.

Mike most of your tutorial still apply and I use some of them as training aides. Hope you don’t mind.

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Hi Renato. The 3.0 version is available on Adobe’s website.

Hi Joe. I’m going to give it a shot. I know this version thoroughly. Hard to give up.

HAHAHA Man it really was for me. I still use it from time to time just because it’s what I learned on.

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Does anyone here miss the VSTi or MIDI functionality of 3.0 in CC?

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Not yet. Still use them. I will switch to CC eventually. Breaking up is such sweet sorrow!

absolutly @DJ_Nightstalker I still have Adobe 3 & 1.5

@Mike has to be more considerate of us cheap old dinasours when he does his presets. I gotta have pictures with numbers to create these “new fangled fancy schmancy” gizmos

and @Mike thanks for the invite to the community

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I’m still using 1.5 because it’s just so reliable. Plus, I hate change and the stations I’ve worked at have been using it for years. Would love to upgrade for personal use but I’m broke as crap lol

You’re welcome @MSJ it’s great to have you here!

Hello everyone. I’m curious to know if anyone has a copy of adobe audition 3.0 that they would like to sale or possibly send me via email?