Any audiobook producers here?

I’ve been using Studio One because of the pre-roll for audiobook self-vocal production and fx.

You need to stick to these rules for your upload to be accepted.

Thanks to Cado for the heads-up with the spec.


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Yeah I’ve got 9 Audiobooks on Amazon at the moment. All the edited and mastered by me.

I use OcenAudio for its punch and roll (rock and roll) functionality- great bit of free kit.

I edit in Adobe Audition though. Only a light touch - a little eq and compression. Then run it through the Match Loudness plugin to hit the ACX requirements.



Mark - very interested to know HOW you actually got started. This is something I really would like to get into. I have looked into ACX, but would like to briefly hear your take on things. I am looking for that NEW remote based opportunity to work in my frail dotage! :slight_smile:

Hey, well the first thing I’d say is watch this.

No holds barred take on audiobook narration from a man with over 900 under his belt and he’ll give you the low-down.

Then I’d do as many courses as you can (Sean Pratt in the video does some).

Then look at ACX and start with short books, don’t dive straight in with a 10k tome (bad mistake).

The above is basically what I did. I attended a few audiobook seminars via The Voiceover Network (hit me up on if you want a promo code to get the joining fee removed when joining the VON).

Then I just started on small books, fiction and non-fiction so you can see what you prefer.

I decided that I prefer non-fiction, and then go for it.


Thanks Mark superb advice. Will email you later. Peace Dee.

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