Amplitude Statistics

Hello, I have a question about Amplitude Statistics. I know that my Peak Amplitude for audiobooks should be at -3dB or better. My Total RMS Amplitude should be between -23dB and -18db. My question (2 of them) is why when I save my audio as 16 bit, I see for ‘Measured Bit Depth’, it states 32. Second question, does this ‘General’ list of #'s tell me what my noise floor is? Third (?) I guess at -23.53dB for my Total RMS that I am slightly louder so I would have to tweak my -23 under ‘Match Loudness’ to possibly -22.47?
Thank you!

This is a really good question as ACX standards (audiobook in general) are very specific. Here we go:

  1. I’d imagine the ‘Measured Bit Depth’ is because Audition tends to work in 32-bit until you save a file as 16-bit. Even if you save it as such it may remain 32-bit until you actually close and re-open the file in my experience.
  2. No, you won’t get noise floor from this list. To get that select a long setction of only silence from your recoring and run ‘Amplitude Statistics’ again. The ‘Peak Amplitude’ will be your noise floor.
  3. Correct that -23.53dB is slightly too quiet. Loudness window will fix this as you suggest.