AKAI Pro VS Apple Catalina

I’m sick of being caught in the middle of wrangles between corporations. I have an Akai EIE Pro in my set-up. Its as good as new and been a good workhorse. Now, under Apple Catalina its invisible to Garageband or any software that uses the Audio/Mid set-up in the MBP. So now I feel aggrieved that the drivers for this piece of kit weren’t updated by Akai to ensure that future Mac OS versions were compatible with their kit. Does anyone have a work around?

I wish I could give you a solution. Check their drivers to see if there’s anything new now as it’s been a little while since the big update from Apple.

I now use Windows and, while you need to keep drivers up to date more often, I’ve not experienced any issues with my audio interfaces or AKAI LPK25.