AIFF versus Wav

is there any benefit in using a wav as opposed to AIFF file? Is AIFF just Mac’s version?

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They are both essentially the same, from what I understand, apart from the way the audio is encoded.

AIFF is a lossless file format created by Apple.

WAV is also lossless and has more compatibility and is widely used and recognised so this is the format I’d opt for given the choice.

My Logic Pro X sessions always bounce in AIFF by default. I can choose WAV there too if needed. The best thing is that I can convert between WAV and AIFF and not lose any quality unlike mp3 files.

We work in WAV at MRC. Most of our customers choose to have the final product in mp3, then it’s WAV and once or twice a month we’ll get asked for the final product in AIFF :slight_smile:

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thats great. I thought as much Mike but wanted to run it past you. Loving these daily tutorials. I use Audition along with Traktor for my live, three times a week radio shows on Solar Radio. Absolutely hooked on audio these days!!