After opening the Adobe Audition presets, it won't record

Hi all. I am totally new to using Audition, and I just purchased the presets for it. I downloaded the file and read the readme file. I opened the MRC VO Presets.sesx in Audition as instructed, and while the record button appears, nothing will record at all. I read the other troubleshooting topic that is provided in the readme, and manually set the hardware for my Rode NT USB, but still noting. I actually don’t event see and effects in the presets section, so I’m not even sure what I should see there. I am using Audition 2024. See screenshot

Happy to help! Make sure your Rode NT USB is selected as the default Input device in Audition’s Audio Hardware preferences. Also, Click the ‘R’ (Record) button on the track to arm it for recording. It looks like you’ve already selected the NT USB there in your multitrack so the arm for recording trick should work!