Advice of for ergonomic solution for audio editing?

Hi all,
I’m a podcast editor and spend a lot of time on Audition editing. I’m looking for more ergonomic solutions. I’m going to begin trying out a vertical mouse for my right hand. But I’m trying to figure out a left hand keyboard shortcut solution. I’ve been thinking of using a single handed gaming pad, a programmable small keyboard like the Koolerton keyboards.

Ideally I’d like something like the Nintendo nunchuck with multiple buttons where my hand isn’t tied to being palms-down on the desk.

Would appreciate any tips/advice.

I was having issues editing as well and switched to a trackball. And I moved the trackball from the desk to the arm of my chair. I bought the
Mobo Chair Mount Ergo Keyboard And Mouse Tray System By Ergoguys.

This device easily straps on the arm of your chair and has a mouse pad big enough to easily place the trackball conveniently on the arm of the chair. The device has a comfy wrist pad, and it gives me freedom to be as close to or as far from the console that I’d like to be.
It cost less than 80.00 US, and I’ve extremely happy with it.