Adobe Story Desktop App

I realize that this isn’t precisely audio related, but I thought some of you might find this useful anyway.

I have used Adobe Story for quite a while, but I stopped using it in early 2016 when Adobe Stopped updating it, and Adobe Flash started going downhill(Story was made in Flash) Fast-forward to 2017 and Adobe has remade Adobe Story in HTML5 and they are now pushing new features every month. I have decided to go back to Story, seeing as how I already pay for a Creative Cloud complete subscription cutting down on other subscriptions is always a plus. Only one problem, Adobe Story is a web app, and while I do enjoy more apps being created using HTML5 I hate being restricted to the web browser. So I have created this:

It’s a desktop app for Adobe Story, that also tweaks some things to make it cleaner and better (like removing the obnoxious “Looking for the classic version?” prompt in the header menu). It’s multi platform running on OS X, Windows, and Linux.

I personally use Adobe Story for a lot of audio narration work, which is why I thought this might be useful for some of you as well! Check it out here:


It looks Very useful and friendly Thanks @OleHenrik for sharing.

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That is a cool desktop app to have @OleHenrik - thanks for creating it - I love Adobe Story!

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