ADOBE AUDITION white noise


i have issues with having my audios being rejected from an online platform for problems of white noise that i cant hear nor correct “please remove the white noise before adding the music. The static can currently be heard overpowering the music.” since i bought a professionnal mic zealsound k66 and did edits with adobe audition and rx elements.

eventhough i put it at the top of volume my sound is low at -30db and i have to enhance it digitally to arrive between -21db and -24db and i would like your feedback ,my white noise is at -100db which is very low but even that i had this feedback of having background static noise during speech ,do you have ideas?
to edit my sound,i use the amplitude statistics with the white noise which is in general below 60db then i use capture noise, noise reduction, rx declick, declick , rx repair assistant, eq100, i check the breath and then i create a noise gate and then as my sound is low i increase it with the match loudness or the volume leveler
i put you 4 audios of 90 seconds (some audios begin at second10) i put the raw and the final version thanks so much


Thanks so much