Adobe Audition - Shortcut Keys or Instructions

Hi Mike and everyone,

I have literally just changed over to Adobe Audtion CC from Garageband but I need a few Shortcut Keys to get around the place I haven’t discovered yet. My main one is Selecting the whole track in Multi-track to correct a change with the Presets I purchased.


Laurie Stanbridge

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Hi Laurie, Let me first say welcome to the community.

okay now let me see if I can answer this for you. To select the entire track for editing effects, just click on the track to make it active and use the effects panel on the left to add/remove your presets. If say, track 5 is active, anything you add in the effects panel will apply to the entire track.

If you would like to view all available shortcuts you can go to the top and choose EDIT > VIEW KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS. or just hit Ctrl/Cmd + K

Hopefully I have answered your question.


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Hi Laurie,

If you’re familiar with Adobe shortcuts many are the same. Here are my suggestion for some really good ones to start off with:

Alt + K : to get the Keyboard Shortcuts list on a PC (Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts).
+/- , or Alt + -/+ : To zoom in and out of a track. If you have a track wheel on your mouse, it will scroll up or down. It can also zoom in depending where your cursor is.
Ctrl/Cmd + A : To select all tracks in Multitrack view and the entire single track in Waveform view.
Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + A : To deselect all.
Alt + A : To add a new stereo audio track.
V : Move/Direct Selection tool.
T : Time Selection tool.
R : Razor the selected clips
Ctrl/Cmd + C (or V): to Copy/Paste selection.
Ctrl/Cmd + X : to Cut selection.
space bar: play and pause

Hope these help you as much as they do for me. :slight_smile:


@Laurie a warm welcome to the community!

You have some great answers there from @Joe_Salmi and @Barb. If there’s anything you can’t get worked out post here and we’ll help :slight_smile:

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Hi @Mike, @Barb & Joe_Salmi,

They are all good help I also found this link below too which maybe useful for anyone as its a full list of many other things plus instructions on how to change Shortcut settings on your own computer