Adobe Audition "Remix" Feature

I have recently been using the remix feature in Audition and am finding that after bringing a music track in, Enabling the remix feature and making other adjustments (Duration etc etc) all seems to work well; until the session is saved and closed out.

Upon reopening the session, all my Non-remixed music files open up as they would normally.

However, although the previously remixed file is still visible; albeit as a ghostly apparition of its former self within the mix, the file will not play until it’s highlighted, and the remix feature is enabled once again.

So am wondering…is that normal? or am I missing a setting somewhere in the setup process.

I would be interested in any thoughts and comments.

Many Thanks…

That doesn’t sound normal to me.

I put my podcast on YouTube and use music from their library. I use remix to make sure the tracks fit exactly the duration I need and it works just as it should for me.

Hope you get it sorted out.

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The really strange thing is that I have had this happen, using different sessions on both my Mac and my PC … go figure