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I just purchased the adobe audition presets and I am finding it difficult to make the record button active. What should I do?

When you select a New Multitrack Session;
There’s a template option there that during your live session earlier today you selected Music Radio Creative 3.0. How should I integrate it among my template selection?

Hi John

To answer your first question record isn’t enabled as you have no input device selected.

To answer your second question you need to solve the .sesx file in your templates folder.

Thank you for your concern, Markdenholm. I have fixed the first question.
I am still battling with the second. Now, without the template (MRC.sesx); the record R button shows but when I launch the template it goes gray.

Hurray! I just narrowed down the problem and fixed it. Thanks though.

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Thanks John - let me know if you need any further support :slight_smile: And thanks @markdenholm for jumping in!