Adobe audition presets vs podcast pro presets

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I wonder if the podcast presets have this feature from the Adobe audition presets involved as well:

Voice processed – with included settings for DeEsser, Scientific Filter, Dynamics Processing, Speech Volume Leveler, Hard Limiter and many others.

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There are detailed YouTube videos on both on the channel I believe. If you watch them you’ll see how Mike has set them both up.

Remember though every voice is different so the de-esser that works for Mike could be at the wrong frequency for you, you may need to alter different areas of your voice in the equaliser section so you may well need to tweak them and export your tweaked version as your own template once you’ve purchased the template of your choice.

Depending on your level of expertise you could create your own template? Or you could buy the MRC template and customise it to your own needs? But that would depend on your actual needs for the template of course.


Thanks Mark! this is now clear to me! Thanks for your kind advice! Much appreciated! All the best,


No worries.

The first thing you need to do is decide exactly what you need the presets for and that should guide you to the correct decision. As I say you may have to tweak the presets whichever ones you buy.

Remember there isn’t a one size fits all so what you need it for will help determine your choice.

For example, I have created 4 templates

  1. Imaging template - A number of tracks for music, voice, fx all routed through different buses to enable them all to duck as appropriate before hitting the master track for final processing / mastering. If I’m producing for my own internet radio station then I know the exact details of the final compression that output goes to before it leaves me so I know how much mastering to apply. If I’m producing for my friend’s internet station then I swap the mastering in the master channel to another preset I’ve said that is lighter and leaves him to be in charge of final processing.

  2. Podcast / interview template - Used for editing and producing interviews podcast style. Processing is much lighter, mastering is very different too.

  3. News template - Very basic template with little vocal processing at all. Just two channels, the news bed which ducks automatically with a very slow release time so it doesn’t bounce u​p and down annoyingly in between breaths. Vocal processing uses a gentle downward expander to reduce breaths but as it’s news it’s supposed to sound more natural so doesn’t have anywhere near the processing as the imaging template uses for voice.

  4. Music template - If I’m doing something with music then that’s already gone through a mastering process so there’s very little processing other than gentle levelling to ensure a consistent output.

You could always drop Mike or Izabella an email, outline your requirements and they’ll be able to tell you which one would best suit your needs.


Hi Mark,

I will definitely do that. To be honest, I have a little bit of a hard time following you, since I have never stepped into the world of audio, so all the terms: ducking, mastering etc doesn’t say anything to me at the moment. But I am a eager student, learned myself to edit video with final cut pro, so I think audio can be done as well.

Thanks for your help!!

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Don’t put yourself down, there’s a lot to learn editing video. I used Premier Pro to edit but I’d imagine learning final cut pro is just as demanding.

In terms of what I’m saying

Ducking is when the music is lowered automatically. Putting it simply if you have a voice channel and a music channel you can have the music automatically lowered when the voice speaks so the music doesn’t drown out the voice. Audition can do this automatically with you having to set envelope points manually (key frames equivalent in video)

Mastering is when all the other processing is done and one final bit is done. It’s like applying a quality polish to a freshly washed car.

If you’re just starting then don’t be afraid to play around and learn as you go. There’s a lot to learn in Audition but don’t be daunted. Learn as you need to and eventually your knowledge will grow so you know more and more.

If you are just starting out I’m not sure if Mike still offers one to one coaching which may be something you’d consider. I’m self taught but maybe coaching would speed up your learning curve for you.

With your Audition journey take small steps. Learn the basics as you need them. Once you have a good grasp of the basics you can the learn the almost magic you can work with Audition.

With regard the template I think your best bet is to contact Mike or Izabella and ask their advice on which one better suits your needs. Once you buy one you get access to a secret part of this community (as I have my own self created templates I don’t have access so can’t vouch for it’s usefulness myself)

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Awesome!!! Dig these kind of help. Thank you so much Mark! Cheers mate!

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Thanks so much for the detailed help @markdenholm!

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