Adobe audition plugin

i need to buy Adobe audition plugin to help me produce powerful Vocal voices if possible please ?


It’s not necessary to buy a plug in to achieve this.

Audition has built in effects you can use. There is EQ, a multitude of compressors for different things and there’s a mastering tool as well.

What are you trying to achieve?

Thanks for your kindly response, i just wish to record my voice then add a vocal powerful effect, like the demo vocies over


A single plug in won’t achieve those effects on a voice over demo.

That’s a combination of EQ, compression, effects and mastering as well as sound effects in the mix as well.

You’ll need to decide on the effect you’re looking to achieve and go through audition and try the different effects to get to what you’re after.

You’re looking at effects like chorus, flanger, phaser, distortion etc as well as the EQ and compression.