Adobe Audition Headache: Can I Change the Zoom/Mouse Scroll "Hotkey"? (link to YouTube video included)

Hi All!

First off, I’m a new user, and thrilled to be here: Mike is THE BEST Adobe Audition teacher, and I’m actually going to be purchasing his Podcast Production Course (Learn How to Edit Podcasts Like a Pro With The Adobe Certified Professional). :slight_smile:

I’m using Audition on a Windows laptop, and I’ve run into kind of a sticky situation I haven’t been able to find an immediate answer to online that also aligns with my lack of Admin privileges to easily download and install new apps.

Here’s what’s up: On Windows 10, my Zoom In/Out is tied to the Alt key (Vertical/Amplitude zoom in the Multitrack Editor, Horizontal/Time in the wave form editor).

I’ll often zoom in and out while editing, but whenever I press the Alt key, it accesses the Menu at the top of the screen, so when I press spacebar again to stop playback, the result is the Menu being selected, rather than stopping playback.

I do the zooming by pressing Alt and scrolling my mouse wheel. I hence thought an easy solution would be changing the Zoom’s hotkey from Alt to something else, e.g. Shift; however, I don’t think you can tie the scroll wheel to new hotkeys.

I made a screen recording and put it on YouTube, so you can see what I’m running into:

Likewise, the only functionality I could find in Audition related to the scroll wheel is tied exclusively to the Control key (I also watched Mike’s video on everything in Audition’s General Preferences).

I’m aware that with a little work, this Alt menu function CAN be disabled/toggled, but because this is a work computer, I can’t (a.) get into the necessary menus/apps to make this change or (b.) download and install an app such as AutoHotkey because of my lack of Admin privileges.

So, my question is,

In Audition, can you change what keys are tied to your mouse’s scroll wheel behavior and set up a new zoom hotkey that doesn’t use the Alt key?

Thanks so much, any help/guidance would be so appreciated!

Thanks so much for the lovely comments!

If you prefer not to use the keyboard to zoom you can simply hover over the time bar and use the scrollwheel on your mouse or trackball. This is what I do and much smoother than keyboard shortcuts :wink: