Adobe Audition CC 2018 Issues

Since it seems a lot of people are discovering issues in the latest Audition CC 2018 release, here’s a thread where you can all discuss issues and feature requests on the latest Audition release. I will forward any issues posted in this thread directly to the Audition Developers so that any issues can be fixed as soon as possible!

Make sure to include the following info when “reporting” a bug:

  • OS version (Are you running Audition on OS X or Windows?)
  • Audition Version. (Do not post bugs on older versions than the latest unless the issue is present in the latest version as well, as fixes for bugs will not be backported to older versions.)
  • What happens, what is the expected behavior and what behavior is presented by the bug.
  • Are there any workarounds?
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I think there is a small bug with this. Or maybe another setting issue?

Not my video, so this is wrong on both OS

Interesting. It does it for me too in both CC 2017 and CC 2018.
I do believe it should restart your play inside the selected area and therefore should be considered a bug.


Yes - I use this task a lot and this is frustrating. Is there anywhere to turn to to get this corrected - maybe in this community :wink: ?

The problem is only in the selected area

Hey @EDDY_FO I am pretty sure I’ve seen this behaviour too.

Anyone else experiencing this? @OleHenrik what’s your take on the playhead position after selection?

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Interesting indeed just tested this, and I can replicate it here as well. I tested to see if I could make a workaround using Audition scripts, but Audition seems fixed on starting playback after your selection no matter what.

After checking Adobe’s internal bug report system, no bug seems to have been reported, so I went ahead and reported it to Adobe, they should pick up on it rather quickly, and we’ll hopefully see a fix in the coming months with the first bug release, I’ll keep you guys posted when I know more!


I also have tried autodocking. I have a show that is about 1 hour, and I record all the speaks in one go, and split them in multisession. With autodocking on, some of the fades behave different. Sometimes it docks and sometimes it doesn’t. I’ve gone back to sidechain :frowning:

I also find the color of the autodock-line to be weak compared to the (default) green color of the track. I had to change color of the track to see the autodock-line.
Green and gray is not a good combi (well - for my eyes).
And also - the gray is easier to see if the track isn’t highlighted, and then the function does lose its value.

Is there a way to change the color of the autodock-line?

Another thing that frustrates (in multtrack) is, when I move a file out of picture, I “lose the grip” of the file. When I zoom out, the file has jumped a lot further to the side.

I like the program, so if we could help to get rid of the bugs, we all could be happy :wink:

Ole H - I don’t think that Adobe is aware of this, since this bug also was in CC2017, but not in the version before.

  1. Autodocking is the first feature in Audition to use the brand new Adobe Sensei technology, which uses machine learning to provide results, this means that it will only get better as it gets used by more and more people. The Audition devs can’t do much about your problem other than suggesting the continued experimentation with the feature.

  2. After checking I agree it should be possible to change the color of the auto-duck line. I’ll send it in as a feature-request as soon as I have time!

  3. Not quite I sure I follow on your description of the issue, do you mean that the timeline jumps too far when dragging a clip outside of the currently visible section of the timeline?

Yes, when I drag a file (want to move it by rightclicking), it slips and jumps out of the picture;)

By second thought - this could be a pc problem. It doesn’t do that on another pc

Slight update on the selection issue. The issue has now been marked as “In Testing” which means they are testing the issue and once they can confirm of its existence they will begin work on a fix.

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Takk for det, Ole :wink:

I just started to use 2018 - love it except when I tried to record our show in multitrack, when I engaged the record button, the sound turned to a mix minus echo sound. I use it with a Steinberg UR44 USB Audio Interface and am truly puzzled. I’ve used all versions of Audition (maybe not '17) for years with a variety of interfaces like the UR44 and never had a moment’s problem. Any help appreciated.

Last update on the selection issue. Adobe has now fixed the issue, and it will be released with the next Audition CC 2018 bugfix release, which should be arriving in the next few months.

@trbgolf Hmmm, you’re sure this isn’t an issue with your Audition settings, they do make changes between releases.

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If it’s a setting problem, I don’t know what to look for and would welcome any suggestions. I’ve used this product since way back in Cool-Edit days and it was always plug and play so to speak. I still have 3 days to go in my trial period so hoping something changes in that time.

Thanks for your help.

@trbgolf - And you use the “none”-template in multisession?

Sounds like a routing problem. Above the track level meters, there’s the input monitor button. Turn off when recording. If you use the same audio outs to monitor, then you are causing a feedback loop. You don’t want the monitor outs being re-recorded.

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Correction…I’m not using “none” in multitrack. I am selecting an input from my UR44 interface to record my talent on. Instead of none it will say UR44 input 1 for example (4 inputs available).

The Monitor Input above the level meter is not engaged.
I thought I had it fixed as I found that I had some presets engaged, but even taking those off so absolutely nothing in on the track except the input from the UR44 and the record button, I hear myself back in my headphones. It would drive the talent crazy for sure.

The feedback does not go onto the recording - in my mind, it’s a classic mix-minus situation but without any apparent way to fix it. And, in my mind, there shouldn’t be an issue to fix anyway with a newer, better version of Adobe Audition.

Still searching for an answer. Many thanks for all the suggestions and the help.

By the way, if I switch to the Waveform screen and use an IRig set up to record there is no feed back.

I think the “none” in this case refers to the template selection rather than the input source.

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No templet selected other than in Radio Production for workspace selection.