Adobe Audition CC 2018 is here now!

Click update on Adobe Creative Cloud now! All the Adobe CC 2018 apps are now available for you to download including Adobe Audition CC 2018.

Learn about the latest audio production features in this Adobe Audition 2018 tutorial and review.

Auto-Ducking in essential sound allowing you to duck music against a voice over. Adjust sensitivity, ducking volume and fade duration. Get the perfect mix in seconds!

Keyboard shortcuts for multitrack fades allow you to hold ALT/OPT to get symmetrical fades on both sides of an audio clip. CTRL/CMD will change the fade shape and SHIFT will fix the duration or shape.

New Dynamics effect (previously the legacy Compressor effect from Premiere Pro) Is a really click noise gate, compressor, expander and limiter all in one. It includes great gate open or closed lights and LEDs to show you how hard the compression is working. It’s also super simple to setup - easily one of the best compressors in Adobe Audition CC 2018.

Major improvements to mixdowns and bounces of audio files. Apparently up to 400% faster even with 3rd party effects!

Finally, in this session, you can now fully overlay multitrack clips without them ever disappearing away behind another clip. Right click to get menu options such as Bring Clip to Front or Send Clip to Back for each clip.

There are so many more awesome new features in Adobe Audition CC 2018. Make sure to subscribe to hear about each one, in detail, on my channel soon.


Finally! I’m so excited!!! :metal::metal:

Is anyone else having problems with waves plugins mixing down with the new upgrade??

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Not at the moment @LifeOfChris

arrh when i mix down everything on the tracks with oneknob plug in jitters while in the multi it is fine

yes and presets from older version

@Mike, Dr. Klopek, Rummy Martian, Oddzilla, Skweek of Finish Your Cereal, and Martian Motion Pictures here,

I am having trouble Locating and integrating my presets for Multirack, Favorites, and plug ins, are you experiencing this and may we discuss on today’s show? or here.
Also I am VERY interested in getting the presets from you, booking a session for Nov. and Interviewing you for publication and video, facetime what have you. Our short recently got an Oscar Nomination and I want to segue into the journalistic side or our company prior to non profit status to teach kids etc. thanks.

Have 2 projects currently in post that were created using Audtion 2017 - am going to finalize the edits and mix down to .mp3 before attempting to install Audition 2018 - have been burned soooo many times in the past by installing updated software too soon, that has then somehow corrupted existing projects and caused in extreme cases many wasted hours putting things right thereafter.

Hey, don’t get me wrong, I am as excited as the next person ( well maybe not quite so excited as @Mike) to start playing with Adobe Audition 2018 and all those great new features.

I noticed that Adobe are advertising 100 GB Cloud Storage, but I only have 20 GB. Anyone know why this is?

My account plan page says this…

My actual account usage shows this…


Hi @DavidHunterScot, I check it out and the only explanation that I found was that if you have a " Student Teacher Edition" you get 20GB instead of 100GB. I don’t know if that’s your case, if not you should chat to the support team. I link you the page where I found this explanation but even worst, it was from a person that had a reduced space to 2GB. Hope this was useful to you


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Hi @Juanmapinker

That was helpful, and thank you for your fast response!

My subscription is: Creative Cloud membership (one-year, prepaid)‎

I should be entitled to it, plus it was from within my account that it mentioned the 100 GB so yeah I think I’ll have a chat with Adobe and find out what’s going on.

I don’t currently need the storage, but if I’m entitled to it as part of my paid account, then I would like to have it.

@Mike the new audition is crashing A LOT, even with native plugins and simply crashed 7 times in half hour just with basic music on it, are you exp this?
Tips please.

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@DavidHunterScot or @Mr-Shortcuts can either of you advise on my earlier question? thanks.

You are absolutely right @DavidHunterScot , your are paying for something use it or not. I hope you can solve this.


Hi @Joycean_Rum, Are you using a Mac or PC? I’m asking because several years ago, audition had an issue with the OS X 10.11 “El Capitan” and I quote
"Attention Mac users:

We recommend users refrain from upgrading to OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) at this time. Due to changes in application signing, users report crashing with many plugins and native effects. Additionally, there are many audio devices that will not function without updated drivers, and support has been dropped for many legacy devices by their manufacturers. Users may also not see the splash screen on launch.

As with most OS upgrades, you may wish to abstain from updating until your applications are confirmed to work correctly, or after any ongoing projects are complete."

I’m not telling that this is your problem but maybe can be useful. I’m on a PC windows 10 64 bits and no problems yet, and I hope it keeps this way. ;):metal::metal::headphones:


Hi @Joycean_Rum

@Juanmapinker gives a very good explanation there. I have nothing to offer, I’m sorry.

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After dealing with a very dumb support representative who couldn’t see the 100 GB on the screenshots I sent him, I eventually got a result.


Here is what I sent him that took forever to notice.

Chat lasted 1 hour 45 minutes. Regretting paying as much as I did back in February, and their prices have since increased. :frowning:

It’s always a pain in @$%/ but now you have more than 100GB!! Cheers @DavidHunterScot

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That’s a great result @DavidHunterScot on your Creative Cloud storage.

I can confirm, I checked my account, I have 100 GB space in total. I hardly use Creative Cloud storage at all so I switch the menu icon off and disable sync. I use Google Drive which gives me “unlimited” storage as part of our G Suite plan.

I think Creative cloud storage and sync will become more important, going forward, however. Especially with the clever announcements about Adobe Sensei (Adobe’s creative AI) in the Adobe Max 2017 keynote. I guess the 100 GB is more aimed towards photo editors using Lightroom, Photoshop and Capture.

I do greatly appreciate the ability to create Libraries in the cloud. I store all MRC logos, assets and colour palettes up in Creative Cloud. So handy for creating quick graphics and templates.

@LifeOfChris I’ve not had any issues with Waves Plugins so far and am using them regularly in CC 2018.

Answering @Steve_Moore @Joycean_Rum, yes, sometimes it is worth to wait or install on a 2nd computer (Adobe Creative Cloud allows simultaneous usage of apps on 2 devices at a time). I only had Audition crash on me once (it was during my live stream on release day). I’m willing to believe that’s because I didn’t close all windows and give the Mac a good reboot. Audition CC 2018 has been rock solid, for me, since then.


I too also mostly use my Google Drive which is unlimited as part of G Suite, but it was mostly what I saw in the keynote that made me think I might end up using my CC Drive for some things also, which lead me to notice the quota issue.

The guy was not that smart and struggled to understand my screenshots. Maybe my screenshots were hard to understand but I got a better result than I wanted in the end so it’s all good.

For me with what I’ve done so far, CC 2018 works fine. I’ve launched all apps at least once with most usage probably being in Audition and nothing crashed.