Adobe Audition Audio 'Dipping'

Question please: In my multitrack project each track sounds as if the audio dips up and down in places. I’ve tried the following tools within the Effects Rack to no avail:

Speech Volume Leveler
Voice Leveler
Dynamics Processing

Appreciate any guidance you can provide.

Many thanks!

Do you have any effects on the tracks? Noise gate or downward expander?


Speech Volume Leveler (Noise Gate is off)
Voice Leveler
Dynamics Processing

Manu thanks.

What’s happening in the dynamics processing?

It sounds as if something is set too harshly and trapping out the quieter sounds.

Turn off each effect in your effects rack and turn each one on singularly and you’ll be able to identify which effect it is.

Also normalise the audio before you start as well and see if that helps.