Adjusting DB after using "match clip loudness"


I have been using the ‘match clip loudness’ as suggested by Mike in one of his YouTube videos. This sets the DB to -23 and he said to work with that but change it to -19 when finished. I cannot figure out how to do this, and I did look at the YouTube channel before coming here. Thanks for the help!

Great question! To ensure consistent loudness levels, it’s recommended to use Match Clip Loudness in the multitrack, as you suggested. This technique is demonstrated in this helpful video:

Once you have your final mixed down waveform, you can use the Match Loudness window (accessible from the Window menu) to further adjust the loudness levels. Simply drag and drop your waveform into the window, select Match Loudness Settings, and adjust the Target Loudness to your desired level based on where you intend to use the file (e.g. -16 LUFS for podcasts, -14 LUFS for YouTube, etc.). I hope this information is helpful!

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