Adding Reverb to the end of track

I’ve self-solved this problem and wanted to share it for future editors who might run into the same issue.

In the past I’ve needed to cut a song short due to time constrictions but didn’t want the sound to just chop off when the clip ends. Sure I could fade it, but I want the last beats of a song and then chop, but not chop the sound off completely.

So I thought I’d add reverb to the track. But, it gave reverb to the entire track (or course!)

So I thought, (wisely at the time) I’ll take a few seconds off the end of the clip and put it onto a track with reverb… voila! :smile: It worked!

Recently I needed to do this again and, after seeing Mike demonstrate it, thought :thinking:, "Hey, you can put effects on Tracks AND clips. I’ll put the reverb on the small clip instead of putting the small clip on a whole new track.

Nope. No worky. :frowning_face:

So my original ‘workaround solution’ right at the beginning was the right one. :+1:t3:

Note: :warning: if you want to bounce down the clips first to test the outcome or do other things to the bounce, be aware that it WON’T have the reverb you set. You will only get it with a proper mixdown.

Menu > Multitrack > Mixdown Session to New File > choose your option.

Enjoy your mixing!


I wonder if you can just use reverb and automation? So just have reverb on the track, but only switch the effect on at the end of the track? I tried, but I don’t know how to do it… sure it must be possible though!

Try this: In multi-track, 4 beats from the end, split the file but don’t move anything.
Select clip, go to effects rack and select clip then apply reverb to taste.

That’s it, you’re done.