Adding Audio to Video

Hi everyone. I’ve been using audition for nearly 15 years now and I’ve never used it to add audio to video but somehow I feel that its possible but I have no idea how to and I’ve been using another software (NCH) and it is dreadful to use so if I can find a way to use audition to add audio to existing video that would be incredible. So a)is it possible and b) is it advisable? Is it decent or effective?


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I don’t think you can work with video inside Adobe Audition, but you can inside Premiere Pro. Premiere Pro enables you to edit audio inside Audition and then brings it back into Premiere Pro for video editing - I think that’s the function you are referring to :slight_smile:

Thank you for replying and yes I have discovered that I can import video but I can not bounce out a video track with thee applied audio so I went to purchase premier pro and realised that paying individually for acrobat, audition and illustator is quite silly at 60 USD per month and got full Adobe suite for 30 USD and now I’ll just do this part using Premiere Pro. Thanks for the support!

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Glad to hear you have sorted that now :slight_smile: