Accusonus ERA6 vs Scheps Omni Channel

For voice correction improvement (and since I have and use your presets with my DBX 286s, 215s and 166xs), and was desiring to get as close to that type of equipment setting sound as possible, would you prefer using Scheps Omni Channel plugin or Accusonus ERA6? Let me know, thank you.

They’re two very different plugins so here goes :slight_smile:

Accusonus ERA Bundle

If you’d like easy sound improvement with little audio knowledge this is the bundle for you. It can do everything well and the ‘audio assistant’ is fantastic for creating an audio chain, getting things in the right order and setting things up. It can even listen to your audio and suggest EQ settings. Waves Scheps Omni Channel cannot listen to audio and suggest settings. This bundle will do everything but you won’t have fine controls.

Waves Scheps Omni Channel

This is for audio geeks who know what they’re doing and want to get the most out of their audio. You’ll also need time and effort to set it up. If you have the time and knowlege this is a really good plugin and you can get lots out of it. The chain order is fixed (unlike ERA) but that’s not a bad thing as you’ll likely want to work in the preset order. You can also enable and disable any parts of the plugin at will.

Thank you Mike. I figured as much and appreciate the detailed explanation.