Accounting software

Hi there… VO wife here learning the ins and outs of the business side of things. We are taking payment through pay pal, bank accounts all integrated and such BUT the big question is what are others using for accounting software.
What are some of the pros and cons that some feel they encounter with their choice software?

Any feed back is much appreciated…rock on everybody!!!

hi - I have, over the years used most packages including Sage & Quickbooks. But I must say, Xero is brilliant. Easy to use and correct any errors, it takes a live bank feed from your actual bank to speed up reconciliation, creates statements quickly and gives you the reports you need. Also you can run the plug-in Receipt Bank along side it which makes posting receipts when out super easy. It also stores all posted receipts for 7 years for tax purposes too. Cloud based and well worth a try

David thank you so much for your in-depth look at several platforms. I have to ask does zero let you integrate with PayPal. We already do all our invoicing through PayPal.

Again you rock!!!

Does anyone use ZOHO??? ZOHO books & ZOHO CRM
I need function and affordability

Also any software do all this and allow you to add down payments or a percentage upfront prior to work being done and final due soon completion

hi - I believe so Christine (ps sorry for the late reply) D