AABC - Adobe Audition Boot Camp should be a thing!

I mean, they have Morning Show Boot Camp where morning shows go and spend a few days of intense training an leave better.

Wouldn’t it be incredible if there were such a thing for Adobe Audition users to go and immerse themselves in the program and return back to their markets all over Europe, Africa and the US and beyond as better creators of audio? The Isle of White or London maybe? Let me know when so I can book my flight because that’s something I would not want to miss. :wink:


I totally agree, I so could use a course like that but it would have to be as a webinar for me. Gotta make the cheese before I slice it.


Good thinking @PaulOrr.com :wink:

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Adobe Audition Boot Camp. Arrive adequate. Exit an expert!

Good luck with the wisdom teeth, @Mike!

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A very good thought, and has my fullest support.

Although I initially had the good luck to solve the Udemy-Training (by @Mike), there is still a lot to learn, and to fine tune within my skills. You’ll never be finnished learning, until you leave this world…


Googling Udemy-Training right now. :+1::pray:

Good thing.

this is the direct link to the really, really useful and great online course.
Enjoy :slight_smile:

10 bucks right now. 95% off!

Aww, thanks for sharing @SymeonRDF!

@PaulOrr.com I like the idea of in person meetups/trainings around audio and Adobe Audition.

Perhaps anyone who’s interested could post what they’d hope to learn at such an event?

That would be amazing @PaulOrr.com!

I wonder what type of sessions others might like to see? I’m thinking things like produced piece mastering, VO mastering, bus, plug-ins, short-cuts, what mic is right for me, do I need a great soundcard, etc.

Maybe the opportunity to work in 30 or 60 minute sessions one-one with experts who excel in certain areas.

I believe the comradery and connections would be exciting and uplifting.