AA Presets using Waveform

I work in waveform mostly and am used to saving presets to my Effects Rack, which I have done with my new Lite ones. However, when I select an effect to apply to my raw recording, the “Apply Effect” tab is not active.

It seems like I have to open my recording in Multitrack to get the effect and I just want to stick with my old waveform workflow and apply the effect post-recording.

Is there a simple solution?


Thanks for your question @jrandync - hmm I will ping @Mike to take a look but my understanding is that those presets are specifically designed to be multitrack workflow. In Effects Rack you can apply individual settings and effects - I don’t think you can pull the whole lot of set of presets into there with a simple click. You would need to copy all the settings from the Multitrack one by one. In general editing inside Waveform is not a good practice and I would strongly suggest looking at shifting your workflow into mulitrack - it can be a huge game changer once you look into it!

Thanks and hello @jrandync! Like @Izabela says you should really edit and apply effects non-destructively in multitrack where you are able to.

Saying that all stacked effects you save as a preset in the multitrack Effects Rack should also appear and be useable in the wavefrom Effects Rack. There is really no difference between the two apart from the fact waveform is destructive (writing to the audio file) and multitrack is not.