3 power intros and a micromix

Hi everyone!! thought I would share some of the latest power intros and a micromix that I have recently made.

Becky Hill - Better Off Without You

Tones and I - Bad Child

illy - last laugh

Micromix -

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These are great! I especially like the one for “Bad Child”

Where did you get the artist id from?

A great sets of ident jingles. Well done on producing these which will sound great on-air.

What settings for the flanger voice did you use in:
Becky Hill - Better Off Without You / Tones and I - Bad Child

and what settings to get the robot voice on the end of: Micromix -

These are Very good!!!

Hello Crunchie FM,
great jingles i love the vibe but be careful with your levels. In the last jingle, with voice over Mike you can not hear his text. Also be careful with your dynamics. Your mix is mixed to the max and your broadcast processor (if you use one) will compress the whole thing much more.
But beside that, i like your punchline “you’ll never know what we will play next” that is a good one!
best regards,

Excellent job on these! They will sound great on air.

Greetings, CrunchieFM.

Great job on the jingles. Great mixing and sound is crisp and clear. Kudos to your tech.