3.5 mm jack to XLR adapter?

Hello there.

This might sound a little odd question but I got myself Steinberg UR12 audio interface but I don’t have yet microphone with XLR connector (I am not really into mood to purchase any new mic atm) so… I was thinking to plug in somehow mic with 3.5mm jack.

I actually got some adapter but it might have been wrong one since I am not getting any mic sound out (or I am missing something else).

The adapter I got in question is from here:

Any advice is appreciated.

If you are using computer mic, you wont get any sound this way. They don’t work on same principle. You will need to get normal xlr mic.


So there is no way to connect normal mic to XLR?

That is a little disappointing. I was gonna get mic at later date so I can get myself preamp first.

Guess I gonna need to ether wait or get cheap XLR mic.

Hi @Macula, if you want to start your homestudio with a little budget here are a few recommendations that are taken from The Recording Revolution (This are links to an american store online, just for comparison reasons, you can search them at the brand store also) :

Interface under $100:
PreSonus AudioBox USB
Focusrite Scarlett Solo

Microphone under $100
Samson C01
Behringer B1
Audio-Technica AT2020
Shure SM57

Hope you find this useful

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Hi @Macula

Not really my area, but here’s my bit for what it’s worth anyway. It does look like you have what you need, the only issue is you got it from eBay, which might not be completely trustworthy, even though it has good reviews.

You would be better off searching for it on some official store’s website that specialises in that sort of thing. Amazon is usually more trustworthy than eBay for that sort of thing, but official stores should definitely be where you should look for the real deal.

@Juanmapinker, your response isn’t really an applicable answer to the original question, as the solution requested was for an adaptor to allow current equipment to work without having to buy new stuff. Thank you for the answer though, and who knows, it may have helped.

Hello @DavidHunterScot, I know that my answer was not for the first post, @Saba already answer that. But, at the second post of @Macula, he said and I quote

So, I just gave him some ideas for buying something that can help him to start. So as you can see, it’s realated to the problem he has in that particular area.

Helping is the point of my post :wink:

Well done @Juanmapinker I stand corrected. Carry on. :slight_smile:

I always wanted to ask this but what is better higher or lower ohm?

And why?

I never completely understood this completely, only thing I see is it has something to do with how much signal is lost from long cable.

@Macula here’s a brief and simple explanation that you can find at Media Collage dot com

"High impedance microphones are usually quite cheap. Their main disadvantage is that they do not perform well over long distance cables - after about 5 or 10 metres they begin producing poor quality audio (in particular a loss of high frequencies). In any case these mics are not a good choice for serious work. In fact, although not completely reliable, one of the clues to a microphone’s overall quality is the impedance rating.

Low impedance microphones are usually the preferred choice."

Hope you found it useful.


Hmm, that Behringer B1 looks tempting… specially since it comes with Shock Mount.

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Nice that you find the post useful, that’s the idea no?

@Macula Since you have ur12 and that as far as I know is good audio interface, for start you don’t need preamp because they have good ones. You can always buy better preamp later, but if you are going to buy Behringer or any lower end microphone you wont get good sound even if you buy high end mic preamp. You should go for used middle range mic in that cane, maybe AT 4050 or 4040, AKG 414. These would be high mid range, or go for Rode Nt2a or NT1 , AT 3035 if you can find one because they are discontinued, but a much better than 2035 that replaced them. I’m not sure what you need and these are all conderser microphones. Other option is to go for dynamic microphones like Sure 58 or 58 Beta, Sennheiser 735 or even beter 945.

@Saba even if preamp in question is DBX 286s?

Because that’s the one I am after.

You can use Fairchild if you have money to buy it makes no difference if your input is bad.

Hi, two questions:

A) how the 3.5 mm jack is made?

  1. tip+ring+sleeve
  2. tip+sleeve

B) Do you have a dynamic or condenser microphone?


That makes no difference, jack is not an issue, its PC mic, that simply won’t work with pro audio equipment.

I believe something an iRig Pre will allow you to do what you need @Macula.

Plug pro microphones into iPad, iPhone, iMac, PC etc. It contains and amp and 48V power so everything you need to make those pro mics work.


@Mike Problem is, he’s got audio interface, he doesn’t have a MIC :smiley:

To add, Irig is great stuff, I’m getting two of these for my reporters, so they can stop using recorders and record directly to mobile and upload to FTP as soon as they are done.

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@Mike thx for reply but like Saba pointed out I already have Audio Interface the Steinberg UR12.

@Saba I might able to get Rode Nt2a set at retail store. Apparently it should have even small discount.

Getting mic sure can be expensive.

@Macula Sure it can, but Nt2a is a good mic. I know a couple of studios that started with that, now they have U87’s (among other great gear). So to recap, mic is cheap :smiley:
My friends new studio:

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